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If you wish to register your own domain for your website, we have some handy tips for you.

How to Choose a Domain Name ?

OK, we all agree, the best domain names have already been taken. However, if you are creative with your word selection and think laterally, you can come up with a great domain name. The following advice is particularly relevant to your business website.

Technical Constraints

  • Do not use an ampersand '&'. Technically, it is illegal, so you should also avoid 'and'.

  • Do not use apostrophes. Technically, it is illegal and therefore the use of an apostrophe is not permitted.

  • Do not start or end with a hyphen (-).

  • The permitted characters are: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789-

  • All characters are lower case.

    Do Not!

  • Do not panic!

  • If possible, do not use hyphens.

  • If possible, do not use numerical characters.

  • If possible, do not use mobile phone text message abbreviations.

  • If possible, do not use '2' for 'to', '4' for 'for', 'u' for 'you' and 'ur' for 'your'.

  • Do not try to be too cool by using deliberate spelling mistakes. It's just not kool!

  • If possible, do not pad your domain name with unnecessary words like 'the', 'ltd' and 'company'.

  • Do not use brand names or trade marks which belong to other companies.

  • Do not use a limited (incorporated) company name which belongs to another company.

  • If relevant to your business, also consult a Company Formation agent.

  • If you use more than one word, do not end and start words with the same character. For example, www.intelligenttelephones.com is not
        good, whereas www.businesstelephones.com is good.

  • Do not pay over the odds, because there are hidden charges to avoid.

    Consider the following when selecting your domain name!

  • Keep it short.

  • Make sure it is easy to spell on the phone

  • Make sure it is easy to pronounce on the phone.

  • Use simple and plain English.

  • Use real words from the dictionary.

  • Use search engine keywords.

  • Keep it descriptive! Use words which describe exactly what you do.

  • Keep it simple and don't confuse your audience. What is this? www.shoeswearing.com Is it 'Shoe Swearing' or 'Shoes Wearing'?

  • Cover your options and buy more than one domain if you need to.

  • Only index one domain per website on search engines, if you wish to avoid diluting your search engine ranking.

  • Use a popular and mainstream domain extension.

  • Choose the right domain extension for your market or country. For example .COM for International; .CO.SA for Saudi Arabia.

  • And finally, check your spelling before start providing us the domain name .

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