Increasing business opportunities

We are looking for other businesses and enthusiastic individuals who want to increase their professional opportunities by partnering with one of the fastest growing offshore development and design companies. Whether you are a web development company, a web site owner, a freelance consultant, a web business opportunity seeker or anyone else interested in sharing in our revenues, has the right program for you.

By working with, you have:

  • Increased revenue without incurring developmental or design costs
  • Residual revenue from follow-up projects for just the first referral
  • No account management hassles
  • No commission caps or limits
  • No restrictions on the number of referrals

With, you have the opportunity to earn real money on a continual revenue stream without the headaches of a sales account management position.

We currently offer two specific partnership opportunities:

Affiliate Program - If you have a potential client or the opportunity to find potential clients who could use our services, when you refer them directly to us we will offer you a commission structure based on the total of the project. The advantage to you is not having to worry about anything except when your check will arrive. Learn more about this opportunity.

Professional Outsourcing - Sometimes time and resources facilitate the need to outsource all or a portion of a design or development project. If you find your company is continually in this situation, you should consider as your outsource partner. We work seamlessly with you to help you concentrate on more vital areas of your business and to assist you in lowering your overall design and developmental costs. Learn more about this opportunity.

Share in the potential profits

The Affiliate Program allows you the opportunity to share in the profits of web developmet and hosting, If you are a(n):

  • Person with connections to companies who would benefit from our services
  • IT firm wishing to increase services and profits to client without incurring additional costs
  • Owner of a well-trafficked free web-resource who needs to convert traffic into cash
  • Small web design studio or freelancer who wishes to offer custom programming to clients

with our affiliate program, you can have an ongoing revenue source simply by referring new business to It's that simple.

Advanced Affiliate Program
Would you like to be a representative? For both web businesses and individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, we offer you the opportunity to open your own branch of our company. By simply finding new business opportunities, you will receive an attractive and satisfying commission structure for all new projects referred to us.

Other affiliate programs restrict how you can refer clients in order to assure yourcommission. recognizes the need to make referring clients as easy as possible and still 100% guarantee the accuracy of your commissions. To solve this dilemma, we have developed our own unique and revolutionary software to help you reap the benefits of this program.

With our program, we offer you the opportunity for ongoing and reliable revenue by increasing the ease of our referral system. We offer four options that can be structured to best suit your desired involvement or preferred method of referrals. Once you become our Affiliate Partner, you can use one or combine any of the following methods:

  1. Client Reservation - To reserve a client in order to receive a percentage from any of their concrete projects, we offer you the ability to confidentially refer them without them knowing of your commissionable involvement. In other words, if you don't want them to know you get a commission then we won't tell them.

    We make this possible by not requiring you to use any identification marks (ID, complex URL). You can simply give your client's domain name. It is 100 % reliable and the information as to who your client is, as directed by you, is initially stored in our database. We will know that you have referred the new client and that you should receive your commission percent, irrespective of the means by which further contact to the potential client is chosen: E-mail, fax, phone, online quote web form.

  2. Quick Referral Program - Use a "Send to Friend" feature for quick E-mail sending to one or several friends, which includes information about our firm and links to concrete services and earn money now incentives if they place an order. Here is an example of this option: Send Now!
  3. Affiliate Program - If you have a highly trafficked web site, we can set our system to track referrals from your own web site. The tracking-process of the customers and charge of percents is automated and excludes occurrence of mistakes. Each of our partners has his own unique domain name: With the use of "cookies," an application that allows us to distinguish your customer - unknown to them -we can track the order even if your referral doesn't make the order on the first visit (in most cases!) or later returns to our site without using your link. He can manually set up the direct name in a browser line. The application of this technique enables us to guarantee charge of the commission.
  4. Co-Brand Web Site - Set up your own co-brand web site as "" as an offshore division or development partner for The site contains the name and trademark of your firm, and also includes all advantages of our Affiliate Program.

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